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  • The DeW It Right Tap Stater Kit is an essential kit for making sure you are able to secure your tap mics and your trasmitter to your body. The Kit includes: 1 heavy duty Mic Belt, 1 Water Repellent Shoe Bag, 1 Super strong Mic tape, 2 Calf/Ankle Garters, 3 twist tie adjusters. Please select a size for your Mic Belt. There are Two sizes for the mic belt. Medium and LargeAdustable Mic belt is made of strong elastic, Medium 26 to 38 waist  Large 29 to 41 waist   For smaller or larger sizes than what is listed above, please send us a message and we will make sure to get you your size.***Select Mic Accessory shipping at check out from the drop down menu if purchasing without mics******

    DeW it Right Tap Starter Kit (Black and White Polka Dot)

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