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  • We now offer a transmitter and receiver for our Sennheiser Tap Mics.****Tap Mics Sold Seperately or in Bundle**** This sleek portable pack is rechargeable, so you dont have to worry about batteries or plugging it in to an outlet. It can be used with any sound board, Pa Speaker and much more. It can even be plugged into your phone! We love the versatility of this transmitter and receiver pack. It also comes with three bonus wireless microphones(please note these are not our signature microphones and are designed to be used for speaking only)you can use for speaking, or interviewing, when your not using your tap mics. Included is a accessory pack to make sure you can use your mics in a variety of situations. (*****Please note that we can not guarantee the performance of this trasmitter and receiver in areas of high radio frequency. This is due to federal regulations and radio activity beyond our control****) 
    Whats in the Box
    - Rechargeable Transmitter and Receiver
    - charging cable 
    - 3 wireless voice mircrophones (Lapel Mic, Headset Mic, Interviewer Mic)
    - phone adapter cord (TRRS 1/4 inch female to 1/8 inch male)
    - camera adapter cord (TRS 1/4 inch female to 1/8 inch male)
    - 1/8 inch adapter jack (TRS 1/4 inch female to 1/8 inch male)
    - phone tripod with reciever holster
    - Instructions manual 
    Tech Specs
    Transmitter and Receiver
    Modulation Mode: Digital Frequency Modulate
    Frequency Range: UHF 500-980MHz
    Preset Frequencies: 75Hz-18kHz+3dB
    Max Deviation Range: ±50kHz(with level limiting)
    S/N: >98dB
    Working Range: Up to 300 FEET
    RF Carrier Stability: ±0.005%(-10C-50C)
    Up to 6 hours operating time
    2 hours to charge

    Transmitter and Receiver Pack for Sennheiser Tap Mics

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